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Tubelox Parts
Allison Perigny
I love Tubelox!

I ordered two pieces and the ordering process was easy. The pieces came well packaged. Tubelox are well made, sturdy toys that are excellent for creative play.

Amazing toy, amazing costumer service!

For years my kids and I have been building with a hand me down set, so much so that after years the pins and orange tiles had all worn out or broke(it took years!!). So I finally decided to get another set and a few add-ons to make sure we could do some of the bigger builds. We got some of the order but something happen to the set along the way and we didn't get it. I asked for a phone call to address the matter and got one pretty darn quick. My order was replaced and I strongly suggest buying the shipping protection!! Thank you!!

Free & Easy Returns + Package Protection for Damaged or Stolen items for $6.48

6-Way Connector, 3-Pack
Kim Brinkerhoff

6-Way Connector, 3-Pack


I think the "insurance" offer for $6.48 is a great option. The TubtLox was a welcome gift for my God Daughter and her Little brother and it was delivered to them in great condition.
Thank you.

Didn’t realize I was buying this, absurdly expensive charge for tiny replacement parts

Had these for my sons when they wee young. Got these for my grandsons and they love them. Glad I found you.

Tubelox Gift Bundle (Deluxe Set + Red Canvas Kit + LED Light Set)

The kids love this product and I think it's awesome how well it's made while being able to build so many different things. I highly recommend this purchase!

Not worth the $$

Birthday present for April 6th

No review yet, other then in showed AND arrived within days of ordering.

One of the Best Toys Ever

My children love these so much! From ages 2 to almost 10 here. I’m amazed at what they make. Hours and hours of fun that we will cherish and continue for years to come.

Tons of Fun!

I love the many creations our grandkids have made out of the Tubelox. It is a great investment and encourages imagination and creativity.

Tubelox Parts
Terry Datiles
No title

The deluxe set was a Christmas present to my niece and nephews in Canada. Because the clips were excluded in the first shipment, i spent another $50 to ship them the clips

Canvas 6-Piece Double Pack (Red Kit + Blue Kit)

My kids loved it! It's sturdy and easy to assemble.

Tubelox Parts
Julia Mituta

My son played with them 30 years ago and now I got it for my grandkids and they really enjoy it..

Great idea but flimsy

The rechargeable battery with a standard charger and the different modes are fantastic. They are very flimsy though and if you don’t take them off just right they fall apart.

My kids, and all of their friends, loooove this! It's one of the best activities we have ever purchased. Highly recommend.

Canvas 6-Piece Double Pack (Red Kit + Blue Kit)

Free & Easy Returns + Package Protection for Damaged or Stolen items for $6.48
David Hohf

Not worth it

Our great nephew is enjoying his time with his set. His imagination is on display. He's very creative making things with Tubelox.

Ehh could do without

These really are hard to use they ended up not ever touching these. More orange panels would be better used.

Free & Easy Returns + Package Protection for Damaged or Stolen items for $6.48
Kara Wiley
Missing piece and weak construction

Hi! My set was missing an elbow piece which is critical for most designs and many of the connectors didn’t have holes. When my two year old tries to sit in any of the “vehicle” designs, the seat collapses because the connectors do not hold the flat pieces securely. How do I go about getting the missing elbow piece? Thx!

Tubelox Deluxe 220-Piece Set
Lisa Finer

Kids have made a different thing everyday! A fort, a bus, a train…they love them!

Free & Easy Returns + Package Protection for Damaged or Stolen items for $6.48
Jonathon Kragh
Great Toys

Kids love them