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What age is best for this toy?

Ages 3+ years (Ideal for 5-12)

You might be wondering, “is my 12 year old really going to find this interesting?” From our experience and feedback, it’s a resounding “YES!” Kids are waiting for opportunities to open their minds, creativity and discovery with active play. Technology is usually a big part of a childs life from a young age and it's difficult to find "toys" to spark an interest in pre-teen developing minds. TubeLox is invigorating for these young minds.  At a very young age, children can play with TubeLox and start forming desired pieces and shapes while discovering how to put them together easily. This toy is easy to put together for all ages, unlike very small connector type toys. Another benefit includes lack of small pieces that are an easy chocking hazard. TubeLox pieces are all large enough to be safe for children of all ages.



Is there a guarantee on this product?


What is your return policy?


What if I want to add more pieces to my set, or I loose pieces, can I buy them seperately?


How is this toy stored?


Are TubeLox® sturdy enough to hold my child?

The tubes are made by very sturdy materials, they connect with colorful attachment pieces and locking adapter clips. These clips allow for the toy to be sturdy and stable enough to play on unlike most constructive toys. However, 75lbs is the suggested weight limit.



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