What Age is Best?

Children ages 3+ love it. The "best" age is probably 5-12. Parents and Grandparents will absolutely LOVE building things with their children & grandchildren! This has an advantage over LEGO blocks of not having small pieces.

You might be wondering, “is my 12 year old really going to find this interesting?” From our experience and feedback, it’s a resounding “YES!” Kids are waiting for opportunities to open their minds, creativity and discovery with active play. Technology is usually a big part of a child's life from a young age and it's difficult to find "toys" to spark an interest in pre-teen developing minds. TubeLox is invigorating for these young minds. At a very young age, children can play with TubeLox and start forming desired pieces and shapes while discovering how to put them together easily. This toy is easy to put together for all ages, unlike very small connector type toys.

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

TubeLox tubes are made from very sturdy materials that can last for decades. They connect with colorful attachment pieces and locking adapter clips. These clips allow TubeLox to be sturdy and stable enough for kids to climb and play on. 75 lbs is the recommended weight limit for children climbing on structures. The orange panels are rated to hold 150lbs.

What Other Safety Concerns I Should Know?

TubeLox does not have small pieces which is great for parents of young children. However, the safety clips have been known to break when not used properly or by accident. Product users are advised to dispose immediately of broken clips or other pieces as they may present a chocking hazard. TubeLox pieces are all large enough to be safe for children of all ages.



Safety Clips

WARNING: Do not sit, stand or play on your Tubelox creation until all safety clips are in place. Safety clips must be put onto each connector and tube hole for a safe and secure toy. Your toy will collapse without the safety clips in place.

1. Insert yellow tube into connector and twist until the holes line up.

2. Place safety clip into both holes.


WARNING: All wheels must have the safety clips as well as the yellow cap on the end to secure the wheel from rolling off
1. Slide half yellow tube into wheel hole.

2. Line end of yellow tube with yellow end cap.

3. Securely place yellow end cap onto yellow tube

4. Secure with a safety clip.


WARNING: Make sure panels are secure before sitting on your Tubelox creation. If safety clips are not in place, the panels will not be secure. Panels go in tightly, watch your fingers.
Do not jump on the panels.

* Panels must be placed with the help of an adult

1. Place panel one side of the panel in place first, followed by the other side.
2. The weight limit for sitting on the panels is 150 lbs.

Can It Be An Outdoor Toy?

Absolutely! Many families use TubeLox outdoors and it holds up great! Just note that colors may fade when product is left in the sun for extended periods of time. Take care of your TubeLox set and it can last you for Decades! :)

What Materials is TubeLox Made From?

The connectors and platforms are made from PP (Polypropylene), the pipes are PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), and the wheels are made from HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene).

Is TubeLox Compatible With Pipeworks or Omagles?

Yes it is! TubeLox pieces fit and work the same! You may remember those other brands from the 80's and now it is back and better than ever! Thank you for your support!

What size is the container of Tubelox?

The box that Tubelox ships in is 28"x11"x17" and it weighs 33lbs!