Tubelox Designs

Toys are fun, but building toys for kids are the most fun, because you can use them to make other toys. What’s great about a Tubelox construction set is that the pieces are so big — no mini replicas of tricycles and jungle gyms — these are the real thing!

Our connecting tubes are so simple to use that your kids won’t need help from mom or dad. They’ll be able to build a toy car, take it apart and make a wheelbarrow and take it apart again to create a table and chairs to sit at and draw or play a game. There’s no end to the possibilities with Tubelox building sets for kids.

Our Build Manual has over 30 unique designs!

Our building kits for kids will spark your children’s creativity and keep them busy for hours! Your kids will love how easy it is to handle and put together the big, brightly colored pieces.

We designed our building toy this way because we want kids to be able to create something fun without the frustration that can come with construction toys with tiny pieces that are easily lost or difficult to put together or take apart.

Our Favorite Designs