Life Size Building Toys As seen on ABC The Toy Box –

"We had these back in the 80's and all I can say is it was hands down our favorite toy! 3 out of the 4 of us kids became engineers and this toy definitely played into that!" – Peets Family


The Power of Play

As parents we want to instill a love for learning and thirst for knowledge in our kids that can be applied to their bright futures. TubeLox® is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) toy promoting educational development in the funnest way. Without realizing it, kids learn basic engineering, design and architectural skills through building and connecting. Constructive play develops imagination, problem-solving skills, gross and fine motor skills as well as self-esteem. According to the Child Development Institute, research has shown that children who are comfortable in manipulating objects become better at manipulating words, ideas and concepts. 

 Along with other building-type toys such as blocks, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and LEGOS, TubeLox help children learn important spacial skills that can be applied to math and science comprehension. These toys not only awaken the mind, they are vital for developing the brain for children of all ages in the classroom, or at home. 

Build your play

Unlike smaller building toys, TubeLox® has the ability to actively play with the life-sized created structures. From push cars and fire trucks with ladders to airplanes, houses, princess towers, forts and rocket ships. The sky is truly the limit.

Build, learn and play together as a family

TubeLox® is a toy for the whole family! Creating a structure from conceptual design to the attained product brings a sense of achievement to everyone. Children can learn from following the blueprints provided, or venture out on their own to fabricate their own models and ideas. After creating your masterpiece, it is rewarding to play with it together. This is one of the many benefits of TubeLox®.

Toy Award: 2016 Holiday Seal of Approval Winner!


Tubelox Deluxe 220 Set


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