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Booster kit parts

Booster Kit (38-pieces)

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Are you short a few parts for that next epic build?!  Get the bundle pricing here...

The TubeLox Booster Kit is designed to give you some additional building power as an addition to your current TubeLox parts.  

This is not designed to be a stand-alone item but an add-on for those that already have a TubeLox Set.


Customer Reviews

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Joyce Hanrahan

Meh. At first I was annoyed that they were just loose in a box but then I realized you are not using useless packing for the box and it’s not going to break! Love your product but of course I would like to get more for my dollar.

Cindy Xeller
Perfect addition to the standard set.

I was considering buying a few single extra pieces to add to our basic set because it only comes with three angles but this bundle was an excellent deal. I do wish it came an extra end cap since we lost one.

Mary Gregory
Booster kit great

So helpful to get replacement pieces!


It would be nice to have more of the 5 way connectors in a kit since there aren’t very many in the big packages and the make a big difference in what can be built.

Renee Carbone
Valuable additions- regardless of the size of your collection!

We initially chose a double deluxe set because that was the largest available at the time and we knew this toy would be a huge hit. Over the years, we seem to build bigger and more elaborate creations. We consistently use everything we own, so being able to add on at a reasonable cost makes good sense. We can now allow our imagination to be matched by our collection of parts.

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