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The #1 Building & Construction
Toy Set

Build Your Own Toys!

Some of the happiest hours of a child’s life are spent with their toys, and building toys are perennial favorites. With a Tubelox building set, your child can make dozens of fun creations from the designs we provide, or they can design their own.

Tubelox Deluxe - What's Included

Build All These with Tubelox Deluxe!

Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre Build

Small Slide

Small Slide Build

Large Slide

Large Slide Build


Tunnel Build


Chair Build


Bench Build

Arm Chair

Arm Chair Build


Table Build

School Desk

School Desk Build


Easle Build

Table & Chairs

Table & Chairs Build

Umbrella Table

Umbrella Table Build

Soccer Goal

Soccer Goal  Build

Small Gym

Small Gym Build

Junior Loft

Junior Loft  Build

Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym Build

Play Loft

Play Loft Build


House Build

Sail Boat

Sail Boat Build

Weight Bench

Weight Build

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Build

Tea Cart

Tea Cart Build


Wheelbarrow Build

Small Scooter

Small Car Build


Scooter Build


Truck Build

Push Wagon

Push Wagon Build


Airplane Build


Trike Build

Open Car

Open Car Build

Push Car

Push Car Build


Helicopter Build

Building & Creating for Healthy Development

Creating with building toys also helps your child’s brain development. By handling and manipulating three-dimensional objects, children learn critical spatial awareness skills. Mastered early, these skills can translate to increased ability to think abstractly and concretely — helpful and important components of later success in STEM subjects.

Building toys also allow children to use their imaginations. Tubelox provides designs to give children ideas about toys they can build, but we also want to foster their creative side by encouraging them to come up with their own designs and ideas. Being able to reproduce what you see in your imagination is a powerful skill.

When children play with building toys, they’re moving their bodies and exercising their minds and they don’t even know it. They just think they’re having fun!

Stimulating a child’s mind is not just a gift to them; it’s a gift to society. Today, parents and caregivers face extra challenges keeping kids moving and interested. But sometimes the best way to teach and help children is to give them the tools to learn and then quietly allow them time to explore on their own.

Tubelox is doing its tiny part in helping parents raise independent, intelligent, inventive children with our construction sets.


Inspire. Create. Build.

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