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Overpack Shipping Carton
Kelly Bellinghausen

I naively thought ordering one of these would cover my whole shipment. Sadly, that’s not the case. Just one of my three boxes was obscured, so I paid $10 for nothing.

I’m glad that I made this purchase.

A Child’s Favorite Toy

I purchased two sets of Tubelox for my grandsons. It will be a Christmas gift and one they are sure to enjoy for years to come! My oldest is 7 and the younger one is 5. They love to build and pretend, so I can imagine many forts coming from this! Thank you, Tubelox!

Tubelox Canvas Kit
Barb Kemper
A miracle

So delighted to find this play set. My children who are in their early40s had a similar set, Omegals. They played endlessly with it. Was delisted to find Tublox, for my grandson. It is a x-mas gift. You have speedy service, I recommend this wonderful building set.

Wonderful entertainment and STEM toy

While at its core it’s purely PVC pipe and fittings, the Tubelox color coding, clips and design options make this an ageless toy. It’s fun as a parent to help the children build “cool forts” and “secret bases”. Additionally, it teaches them how to follow instructions and stretches their mind by conceptualizing what needs to be built. It’s been great having them build different portions of the pre-designed options, in the pamphlet that comes with the set, and then put them all together and see the finished structure. Afterwards they spend hours playing on it, or imagining it’s something different. We’ve had them for 2 years now and it’s continued to be a favorite. One does have to be a little careful on the leverage placed on long pedestal setups, as lateral force can easily crack the PVC fittings. However, that’s really only an issue with ad-lib designs. If you don’t leave a leg standing on its own, then it’s pretty robust. If kids are individually over 60lbs then one needs to reinforce appropriately. As an adult I’ve stood on some of the properly reinforced designs and it holds no problems (not the orange cover though and rightfully I don’t jump around and play like a 5yr old).

If space is available, I highly suggest getting 2 deluxe sets as it opens up a lot more build options. 1 set is fun too, we used 1 set for the first year and “we” the adults wanted the second set 😏, to improve the cool things we could build with the kiddos.

One of my top toy picks!

One of my top picks for outdoor playdates!

Too soon to tell

Purchased for 3 year old Grandson’s Christmas. Thus we cannot begin to rate it yet

It's a Xmas present

Won't know till xmas

Decently solid toy, box and toy smells awful at first

I grew up with Pipeworks, which were amazing. Only complaint about them were how well they locked together. They could be a bit rough for a kid to separate. Tubelox goes the other direction and might be slightly too easy to get apart, but I’d probably prefer the latter anyway.

Only complaints keeping Tubelox from being five stars is the locking pieces are a bit too easily pulled out and even broken. My 2 1/2 year old pulled a lock and broke it in half with ease yesterday. Also, the box and the toy pieces smelled pretty bad at first, which had me question them a bit. My wife described the smell as being like “vomit.”

Overall we really like the toys, even with the high price. They aren’t cheap, even after the “Black Friday” deal, which didn’t even amount to a 10% discount… which is kinda sad and not at all worthy of the “Black Friday” tag.

Hey Seth - thank you for your support and the review! Please reach out to our customer service team and we can get your broken clips replaced. We're always improving our parts/materials and it sounds like the newest clips should be an improvement!


This was bought for Christmas - the box has not been opened yet. Thank you for such quick delivery and the email discount codes.

Great investment

I bought these building toys from the Sears Christmas catalog in the 1980's for my son when they were called Omagles. He loved them and played with them all the time. They survived and were passed on to his children. They enhanced the original set with Tublox. They also love this toy and play with it all the time. Expensive but well worth it.

tubelox deluxe set

It arrived very quickly.As it is a Christmas for my grandchildren, I do not know if they will enjoy it. However, they love to build projects, so I believe that they will have a wonderful time with this.

So fun!

Arrived quickly and packed nicely. The kids love it!

Love it

My kid loves it easy to assemble ++++

Replacement Parts
Martha Hollingsworth

Replacement Parts

Tubelox Ring Toss Rings.

My grandsons enjoyed making the ring toss from their Tubelox set they already had. The rings were well made. I liked the rope/twine they were made of would not hurt someone standing nearby if they were accidentally hit.


This such a great gift for the young at heart!

Amazing Customer Service

My kids are so excited about the tube lox set, but the real story here is how amazing the customer service team was to work with. It's always so refreshing to get replies back on your inquiry emails, and to feel personally taken care of. And the cherry on top is the hours we'll spend playing with this awesome toy!

Arrived and kids love them.

This is a Christmas gift

Substantial rings for price

Can use these rings for many games

Free Shipping

I was very unhappy to see an advertisement for Free shipping immediately AFTER I ordered my Tubelox gift.

Replacement Parts
Amanda Lillie

Replacement Parts

TubeLox Gift Bundle - 1 Deluxe Set + Storage Bag + LEDs + Canvas!
annette nadeau
Looks like it will be a lot of fun !!

My niece is already using hers. She enjoys the gift bundle very much !

TubeLox Gift Bundle - 1 Deluxe Set + Storage Bag + LEDs + Canvas!
Clifford Shoff

TubeLox Gift Bundle - 1 Deluxe Set + Storage Bag + LEDs + Canvas!