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Booster Kit (38-pieces)
Joyce Hanrahan

Meh. At first I was annoyed that they were just loose in a box but then I realized you are not using useless packing for the box and it’s not going to break! Love your product but of course I would like to get more for my dollar.

Very Happy Customer!

Tubelox is great! My replacement piece order was missing two pieces so I emailed the company and the new pieces are now on the way! Jaylynne in customer service was really quick to solve this problem. Great company, great building experience, great customer service!


Fits like a gem

Replacement Parts
Excellent customer service

I'm so greatful to find a company that stands behind their product. We got the deluxe set innitally for Easter with the overpack shipping option, but it didn't arrive in time nor was the package discrete. They refunded the fee for overpack shipping immediately. Then after my kids had been playing with the set (non stop I might add) for 3 days and wore through two wheels and a small straight peice I contacted the company asking how I could get replacement parts.
They graciously gave me a code and directed me to the website to get the parts asap. They came quickly and the kids have been merrily playing since!


My grand and great grands LOVE TUBLOX so much I ordered anther deluxe set. Age 3 to 13 they spent hours building things.Best money I've spent. They are expensive but worth it. My 13 yr. old gr.son didn't get on his phone all day.


I was very pleased with the wonderful service and helpful people

Easter Special - Deluxe Set with Free Bag
The best creative activity

My boys (now 42 and 38) played with Tubelox for hours at a time for years. It was a major investment back in the day---I have kept them for my future grandchildren. It has been so much fun to see my adult children helping my granddaughters build with our Tubelox. We need to replace a few items, but, it is quite amazing to watch the 2nd generation having as much fun as their dad and uncle! I consider Tubelox to be such a worthwhile investment.

Fun building

We built a playground in the play area of the house and turned the ground into a ball pit, which makes it a lot safer for kids to climb up on it given if they fall they land in two feet of ball pit plastic balls. To keep the balls in place we build a perimeter of jumbo blocks around the tubelox structure. It requires a lot of tubelox to build it. The deluxe sets are the best for gearing your parts except for the 4 way cross and 5 way connecters which I bought extra of each on the side.

Replacement Parts
Michelle Kim
Excellent service and products

Recently received our replacement pieces. Service was excellent, we are so happy with our purchases at Tubelox!

Tubelox Deluxe Storage Bag
Stephanie Tacker

The bag is perfect for this set.

Replacement tube

I had purchased the deluxe set and it was missing a very important curved tube. I understand sometimes this stuff just happens In the factory, simple mistake. I reached out to Tubelox and explained my issue to them. They replied very quickly and professional. Offered to replace the missing tube at no cost to me. Delivery was speedy quick as well. So satisfied with the excellent customer service I received and my child LOVES THESE TUBELOX!!! I am highly considering purchasing a second deluxe set!

Easter Special - Deluxe Set with Free Bag
Susan gillhespy

Love this when my kids were younger. My kids are 40-33 now, I don’t think I spent more than $40 for the same set then. I’m sure the littles I have in my home would love it but it is way to expensive. The only negative I see with this toy set is that the clips broke very easily.


I have grandkids, three and five year old boys. It took them about two seconds to construct a hammer, periscope, bow and arrow and baton. I build the big stuff and they do the clipping together. Right now we have a jungle gym and a tiny slide. They climb from one to the other and especially love the slide. Great fun. The sets are well made. The holes line up perfectly. I'd say I got my money's worth.


My 5 year old grandson is overwhelmed he loves Constructing Different designs. This is the best gift he ever got he said. I definitely recommend to anyone Even us adults are having a great time building. It is so well made.

Replacement Parts
Mary Beth Wheelock
Replacement parts

They came quickly and without any shipping!! Got to love it!!

Floor Protector/Grip 12-pack

Replacement Parts
Leanne Gorbutt
Prompt accurate service

We ordered some extra clips and lights. They were delivered promptly and accurately. They loved the lights by the way!

So far we have had lots of fun building

So far we have had lots of fun building various towers! It is an expensive toy though


I first saw TubeLox when I was mindlessly scrolling on social media, and I'll admit it was a bit of an impulse purchase. But my four-year-old loves them! She's still a little young to put them together herself, but she can put the clamps on and she's starting to work on spacial reasoning to see how the pieces fit together.

The instruction booklet is a great start, but there are many more ways to combine the pieces. Currently there is a "vanity" and chair combo taking up our living room, the steerable trike in our kitchen, and her "bow and arrow" that she refuses to put down, even when she sleeps.

To me, the best part is that they will grow with her. Right now, we (parents) make the things for her, but as she grows, she'll be able to make her own designs either by herself or with friends.

The weight limit says it supports up to 80 pounds. I looked it up, and that's the weight of an average 11- or 12-year-old. They have a LONG life ahead of them!

One add-on I would highly recommend is the carry case. Otherwise, you get the tubes and pieces in a cardboard box, which is a bit heavy and clunky to move around. The carry case is well made and has plenty of space inside - and two mesh pouches on the outside!

Thanks, TubeLox, for such an amazing and long-lasting product! It's worth every penny.

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! This is exactly what TubeLox is all about!

Perfect addition to the standard set.

I was considering buying a few single extra pieces to add to our basic set because it only comes with three angles but this bundle was an excellent deal. I do wish it came an extra end cap since we lost one.

The kids love it.

Tubelox are wonderful. My kids keep on building different things and playing on/with their creation.

Tubelox storage bag

Loved the bag as all of the tubelox fit inside. These 2 sets are a gift for my grandchildren later this month.

Much like I remember from my own childhood

I had a form of these as a kiddo; they were called Pipeworks. I built so many things with them over the years, and I want that experience for my boys. Since receiving them, we’ve built a slide, a push-car, a helicopter, and some tunnels… they absolutely love them! They’re only 3 years old, so I do most of the building (which I obviously don’t mind), but my goal is to get them to think about how to build, follow directions, and ultimately design—> build things themselves. I cannot wait to see what they build with these over the years.

Booster kit great

So helpful to get replacement pieces!

Replacement parts A+

Great customer service! Very responsive and helped get me replacement very quick. Thanks!