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1 x Tubelox Deluxe Set (220 pieces) - Shipping Immediately!

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Laura Gossin

Replacement Parts

1 x Tubelox Deluxe Set (220 pieces) - Shipping Immediately!

Love the set, but here's a thought

The reason I bought the deluxe set is because, back in 1988, I had a set as a kid. They were the white tubes. They had INTERNAL locking mechanisms. My kids have HUNDREDS of external plastic locks. When I was a kid, the pieces just locked into place. This fascinated me and I wanted my kids to not have to CLAMP a contraption together.

But other than that, they love it

So fun

I bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it.

Replacement Parts
Chelsea Clementi
So Impressed with TubeLox!!

I am so impressed with TubLox customer service! When a part of our set broke, they made it so easy for me to get it replaced. Thank you!

Loves them!

My grandson is 5 & he loves them. Gets so involved! Soon the family is working on a project together & That is the best testimonial!

I am saving it for a birthday party in July for a surprise! So we will see then how the grandkids like it!

Replacement Parts
Kathleen R
Great Customer Service

We purchased two deluxe sets for our three grandchildren. We had issues with some parts breaking. After contacting Tubelox we found that our sets had a manufacturing issue. They replaced the parts right away . Thank you Tubelox !

Replacement Parts
Great building set, great company to work with!

This is great building set that I’m sure my grandkids will enjoy for years. They are 4 & 6 yrs old and have fun using the plans for different projects in the brochure with grandparent help. Then as they play they add their own ideas and modify the project.When the set arrived a couple of pieces were missing but when I notified the company they quickly responded and immediately shipped the missing parts.

Great customer service

Getting replacement parts was super easy. The customer service helped me quickly and easily and parts came way faster than I expected. Customer service didn't make me feel like me or my kids did something wrong with our parts they just helped me out. I would recommend these products for the fun and creativity and for purchasing from a great company.

Replacement Parts
Helen Lagravinese

Great response, parts came quickly

Replacement Parts
Karry Wilson

Amazing customer service

Great replacement for Pipeworks

We had Pipeworks when my daughters were children and it was one of the best, most played with toys they ever had. Pipeworks are sadly no longer available but Tubelox is an excellent replacement. I like playing with them almost as much as my grandkids do! The connector pieces are easier to put on and take off than I expected. The tubes are sturdy. We bought two of the deluxe sets and love having the extra pieces to expand and create with.

Tubelox Deluxe Storage Bag
Marguerite Truesdale

Hasn’t been used yet - kids still playing with tube lox all the time

Replacement Parts
Susan Moran

Excellent customer service. Replacement parts were easy to order with provided code and arrived quickly. Very happy customer!

Gift for a Grandchild

Since it arrived, I've received daily pictures of all the "buildings" and types of "transport" my granddaughter and son have built. In all of them, my granddaughter has the biggest grin on her face. Nothing like a child's smile.

Jacks Grandma

We bought the deluxe edition tubelox for my grandsons 5th birthday. He loves them. The first day he has built a fort. We look forward to building much more and adding more as time goes on. We also purchased the storage bag which really helps when storing them.

Birthday gift for our 4 year old grandson

Awesome our grandson loves tubelox we purchased the deluxe edition already made the helicopter looking forward to making other things! Shipping was fast and well packaged! Thanks Tubelox

Kids are having a ball with them. I bought the storage bag but so far nothing in the set has been put away yet! Fast shipping was appreciated!


I had something similar as a kid and was sooooo excited to get these for my kids.

Replacement Parts
Paula Fortman

I ordered two and only received one thank you for the one I had to order them separately maybe that is the problem?

Hey Paula! If they were ordered separately the other may still be in transit! If not - we will certainly make sure it gets shipped! Please contact us at to confirm!

I still need assistance: haven’t heard back from TubeLox!
How can I put orange panels on Steerable Trike? I tried and the panel broke!

Hey Mary - the orange panel was probably weakened/damaged/cracked in shipping. Please reach out to us at and we'll get it replaced for you!


My kids had something like this and now the grandkids get to build and GO...

Great toy

This is a durable, creative and educational toy.
More than 30 years ago we bought this for grandkids. I still have that set and it would be useable only it is made out of plastics of 30 years ago and I am concerned about the safety of using it. So I bought a new set for my youngest grandchild.
Children can learn to follow instructions to build a variety of things from climbing to ridding toys. Or they can build things they create on their own. The down side is sometimes it takes strength to get the individual pieces to fit together.
Fun for adults to build with children.