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Replacement Parts
Jessica-Marie Rocello
Quick, and easy!

Had some pieces break upon first trying it out.. the customer service was great and got replacement parts immediately!

Awesome gift!

My grandson loved it so much!!!

Tubelox Canvas Kit
Glenda Davis
Great to have but we need more photos of uses.

We were happy to see the canvas toppers to add to our grandsons' set but we need photos or instructions for more than one way to use them. Please post them on your website. Thanks!

Tubelox Canvas Kit
karen young
Great addition

This canvas set is a great addition to our grandchildren’s tubelox set. More adventures to come

My daughter rates her Tublelox Deluxe Set "a billion, trillion" stars!

Tubelox Canvas Kit
Emily Pappa
Great add on, but wish it came with design ideas

We are so excited about these new additions to our TubeLox set!!! But we wish they came with an idea book for using them. We have tried adding them to the designs in the booklet we originally got with our set, but they don’t work easily with those designs.

Emily - that is fantastic feedback. So glad you are enjoying them and hopefully we will have some designs available for you soon!

Kids are very creative

Great way to store the tubelox

Replacement Parts
Janet Furman
Thank you

Wonderful customer service. Thank you for a fantastic “toy” best gift to my grandkids. Years of fun ahead.

Bag is beautiful and necessary

It would be a crime to get the Tubelox set without the bag. They fit so nicely and it’s an attractive and efficient way to store them when not in use.

1 x Tubelox Deluxe Set (220 pieces) - Shipping Immediately!

Kids love these

I was surprised to watch the creativity and ease when they pay

1 x Tubelox Deluxe Set (220 pieces) - Shipping Immediately!

I appreciate my order being shipped so quickly!

My grandchildren loved this new gift!

Very fun!

I have not given it to my grandson yet

Great idea! Just needs work on fitting.

We LOVED this idea and loved the variety that was included in the pack. It came with a 1 width, 2 width, and 3 width canvas piece. However, when incorporating these into a simple house build, we found that we had to forcefully stretch the fabric to fit as intended. This worried me as a parent due to the high tension on the posts above their heads. It also would have been impossible for my kids to install on their own. I hope they will fix this issue as we can't wait to order more and use them in future builds!

Hey Ron! I'm so sorry about that, we've not heard that feedback before and are looking into it right now. Question: were these right out of the package? I keep thinking that it could have been a result of washing the Canvas or something like that!

Tubelox Deluxe Storage Bag

Fast Response! Fast Delivery!

Great customer service they are easy to work with.

Great Product

Tubelox is a way to spend time and create most exciting structures! My grandkids ages 6 & 9 absolutely love it! Highly recommend it!

Replacement Parts
Tubelox Fan
Easy purchase & quick delivery!

Impressed with the customer service to quickly provide the replacement parts! Love our Tubelox :)

1 x Tubelox Deluxe Set (220 pieces) - Shipping Immediately!

Hey Ying! We'd love to get some feedback on your 3-star review so we know if there is something that can be fixed and how we can help improve your experience!

Replacement Parts
Laura Gossin

Replacement Parts

1 x Tubelox Deluxe Set (220 pieces) - Shipping Immediately!

Love the set, but here's a thought

The reason I bought the deluxe set is because, back in 1988, I had a set as a kid. They were the white tubes. They had INTERNAL locking mechanisms. My kids have HUNDREDS of external plastic locks. When I was a kid, the pieces just locked into place. This fascinated me and I wanted my kids to not have to CLAMP a contraption together.

But other than that, they love it