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Tubelox Holiday Bundle (Deluxe Set + Red Canvas Kit + LED Light Set)

Storage Bag

The bag is a great option for storing our TubeLox and seems to be well made! My only complaint is that it is a bit of a squeeze to get the entire deluxe set in the bag. I wish there was just a little more room.

Zander & Dominic

This is amazing my grandsons 5 & 8 would die if I took this away from this ! there is plenty of parts for both of them to play
comfortly with no arguments😎. one for Grandma !🤩

Love the 6-way connectors!

We just recently purchased the 3 pack of 6 way connectors. We love them! They open up a whole new dimension to building.

8-pack, Long Tubes
Valerie Benham

8-pack, Long Tubes

My husband loves building with our grandson

One damaged canvas, slow customer service.

The 3x3 Canvas sheet arrived in a bag that seems to have been returned with a hole in the Canvas and thread hanging out. I immediately contacted customer service in several ways and it took 10 days to hear anything back. I have received mixed messages depending on how I reported the issue. The worst being that I could return the item and pay for shipping -- so, in effect, I would be charged for a mistake with the product I received. Another was a coupon code to receive an item unrelated to this to resolve the issue, which is definitely better but that indicates my message was not read. The canvas sheets that work are nice and if all had arrived in good condition I would have given this a 4 or 5 star review.

Love this set!

When I first bought this set, I was worried there wouldn’t be enough pieces to build anything cool. I am glad I was wrong! My son is 3, and we build all sorts of “jungle gyms”, and he plays on them on and off all day. One day, we had him and 4 of his friends ranging from 2 to 6 playing with it. The 6 year old said he wanted his own set for his birthday or Christmas.
I am also very glad I got the set with the storage bag. The set is overall very heavy. I have no idea how you would be able to store and transport these pieces otherwise. Overall, I am very satisfied with this set, and hope to buy another one when it goes on sale again.

Great Toy for Imagination and Building Skills

I couldn’t be happier with Tubelox. I bought them for my grandsons for Christmas and they love building things. They spend hours playing with Tubelox. This is by far the best toy I’ve ever bought them.

Excellent we love them

I bought a box for Christmas for my three kids.(10,10,7) I was hoping they’d love them. Well they lived them so much they wanted another box to build bigger . So we are now proud owners of 2 deluxe boxes and they spend hours a day building and playing. Then tearing apart and making something different. I wished I bought these years ago when my boys were younger. But now the quality is great they will last forever for grandkids.

My kids love this

My 1.5 and 3.5 year old are in love with our new Tubelox. It's so fun to build so many different things. The ideas Tubelox shows on their site and the guidebook that comes with it have been so creative and fun.



Replacement Parts
Karen Titus
Let the fun begin

Thank you for sending me the missing parts. I was so concerned because I couldn’t reach anyone but apparently you were busy. Package was sent out promptly with the missing parts -all is good!

Replacement Parts
Joni Sanna
Extra pieces

Grandkids wanted more orange squares to add to their Tubelox collection. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

Great for even older kids!

My 11 year old STEM lover adores this product and makes the coolest creations several times a week that his three younger siblings (and friends) enjoy time and time again. I would highly recommend!

3 active kids approved!

With 3 young kids, we ended up with 2 deluxe sets. The kids are getting lots of energy out climbing, sliding, riding, anything you can imagine. We are enjoying that it’s a flexible jungle gym indoors for the cold months. Our favorite part is it easily supports their weight and can make new forts and structures over and over again.

Great activity for all ages

This set of Tubelox has been a great addition to our playroom. Kids play with it for hours. We are grandparents and wanted something to entertain several ages when the kids come to visit. This is a perfect choice!

The BEST Building Toy EVER!!!

These will always be known to our family as Omagles! We saved the sets we bought for our kids in the 1980s and gave them to our grandchildren 7 years ago. The kids have played with them almost daily ever since. Now that our daughter had her first child, we didn't want to risk Tubelox stopping production so we bought her a set (or 3) last summer. She has built numerous things for her baby but ran short of panels so we bought her a 4th set. We hope our grandchild eventually gets to build things, too. Lol.

Love it BUT

No problems with the actual product.. just wish y’all had designs with the canvases included in the book.

Replacement Parts
Kathy Vannatter
Missing parts

Missing parts were replaced without question and very quickly. This is a great product and my grandson loves it!

Replacement Parts
Melissa Franz
Great customer service

Missing one piece and custer service was helpful in quickly and mailing out a replacement.

Replacement Parts
Old granny
Customer support

I was very impressed with the quick response to my request for a couple of replacement parts and speed they were delivered.

Storage Bag
Laura Nixon
Storage Bag

The bag is great! It seems durable and perfect size! Great price for the durability and size!

Awesome STEM toy

We bought some last year, the kids are constantly playing with them, we bought a couple more sense for them for Christmas.

Not Worth The Money

Disappointed with the add on accessories and the price I paid for them.