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Perfect for building a fort!

Great toy, hours of entertainment

My kids are loving this toy since we recieved it. They do not need my help at all (ages 5,7,8) and have been busy with it nonstop. Thanks for this amazing toy!

Malkie - so glad to hear; thanks for sharing!

1 x Tubelox Deluxe Set (220 pieces) - Shipping Immediately!

Spare Clips

We purchased an extra bag of spare clips. The clips are very durable, but just in case this give us extra clips for that rare break.

Happy so far!

Thank you for caring about my reaction to your product. I purchased the set for my grandchildren. They will not receive it until Christmas. I have had such good reviews from my friends about it, I believe my gkids will love it too!

Grandkids love it!!!

Good quality materials; great play value! Only problem is that older siblings who are too heavy for structures want to climb, too! Excellent toy for encouraging inclusiveness- 1.5 to 7 year olds love to work together!

Exactly what I needed.

Nice Accessory

The floor protection caps are a good fit. We had the original Omagels for our children and are excited to have TubeLox for our grandchildren! It is the best toy ever!

Tubelox Canvas Kit
Karen Nicoloro
Love it!

Great extra to set

Replacement Parts
Pamela Causey
Love our new panels!

Fast shipping and great product!

6-Way Connector, 3-Pack
Roberta Brandt

Grandson and I have been waiting a long time for these parts. He’s been creating new things for days!

220 piece deluxe set

I got this set for my 4 year old’s birthday. She absolutely loves it. The first thing we made was the steerable trike. Now she has started to understand that she can take it apart and make another brand new toy! Next she wants me to help her build a police car. Looking forward to doing this with her this weekend. Also now my 8 year old wants a set of tubelox for her birthday too. So you guys will be getting another order from me shortly. Thank you for making such a versatile and high quality product!

6-Way Connector, 3-Pack
Joe DiGiacomo DiGiacomo
Get addition

The grandkids love the additional options these add to the set.

Replacement Parts
Carol Murphy
responsive and quick replacement parts

The response to my request for replacement of two parts was easy and they arrived quickly . Very impressive customer service .

6 way tubes

Have played extensively with Delux set since receiving two 4way connector sets but as of yet have not required their use

New 6 way connector

This is a great product and needs to be added to the deluxe and standard sets. Really gives you different capabilities and combinations. Wish it came out earlier.

Opened up new possibilities!

They immediately built a sailboat!

The most fun we’ve had since the pandemic hit!!!

The book provided is a nice starter to how to build certain things but after you master those (and there are quite a few in that book) then you’ll have the skills to build anything that is within the number of pieces you have. I have a feeling that in the future I’ll be ordering another set.

Nicole - this is fantastic to hear! - thanks for sharing your awesome experience!

Replacement Parts
Kanetra Temfack
Fast Response!

They sent my part very fast. Great service!

Replacement Parts
Jessica Schantz

We are excited to get our parts the kids have broke a few and it’s nice to have the whole set again love this toy! It’s great for my gifted kiddo that needs to keep his brain moving to stay out of trouble

Parents and toddler approved!

We've had this for about a month now, and we (and our 1.5yo) love it! So far we've built a mini table + chair and a small slide, and baby loves climbing/sitting/sliding on them! This overall feels like a very solid, sturdy, and versatile product, and we hope to be using this for years.

Replacement Parts
Michael Spiegeler
Replacement Part

My order for replacement parts arrived in 4 days, we are supper happy and are able to build all the items on the sheet that came with are set and more.
Thank you for your help and understanding.

Tubelox Canvas Kit
Susan Atkinson


Replacement Parts
Jessica-Marie Rocello
Quick, and easy!

Had some pieces break upon first trying it out.. the customer service was great and got replacement parts immediately!

Awesome gift!

My grandson loved it so much!!!