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Amazing customer service

Great replacement for Pipeworks

We had Pipeworks when my daughters were children and it was one of the best, most played with toys they ever had. Pipeworks are sadly no longer available but Tubelox is an excellent replacement. I like playing with them almost as much as my grandkids do! The connector pieces are easier to put on and take off than I expected. The tubes are sturdy. We bought two of the deluxe sets and love having the extra pieces to expand and create with.

Hasn’t been used yet - kids still playing with tube lox all the time

Excellent customer service. Replacement parts were easy to order with provided code and arrived quickly. Very happy customer!

Gift for a Grandchild

Since it arrived, I've received daily pictures of all the "buildings" and types of "transport" my granddaughter and son have built. In all of them, my granddaughter has the biggest grin on her face. Nothing like a child's smile.

Jacks Grandma

We bought the deluxe edition tubelox for my grandsons 5th birthday. He loves them. The first day he has built a fort. We look forward to building much more and adding more as time goes on. We also purchased the storage bag which really helps when storing them.

Birthday gift for our 4 year old grandson

Awesome our grandson loves tubelox we purchased the deluxe edition already made the helicopter looking forward to making other things! Shipping was fast and well packaged! Thanks Tubelox

Kids are having a ball with them. I bought the storage bag but so far nothing in the set has been put away yet! Fast shipping was appreciated!


I had something similar as a kid and was sooooo excited to get these for my kids.


I ordered two and only received one thank you for the one I had to order them separately maybe that is the problem?

Hey Paula! If they were ordered separately the other may still be in transit! If not - we will certainly make sure it gets shipped! Please contact us at to confirm!

I still need assistance: haven’t heard back from TubeLox!
How can I put orange panels on Steerable Trike? I tried and the panel broke!

Hey Mary - the orange panel was probably weakened/damaged/cracked in shipping. Please reach out to us at and we'll get it replaced for you!


My kids had something like this and now the grandkids get to build and GO...

Great toy

This is a durable, creative and educational toy.
More than 30 years ago we bought this for grandkids. I still have that set and it would be useable only it is made out of plastics of 30 years ago and I am concerned about the safety of using it. So I bought a new set for my youngest grandchild.
Children can learn to follow instructions to build a variety of things from climbing to ridding toys. Or they can build things they create on their own. The down side is sometimes it takes strength to get the individual pieces to fit together.
Fun for adults to build with children.

Great Fun Building!

My grandson who turned 4 loved the Tubelox building set and storage bag. He had the whole family working with him to create the riding air plane.


I ordered this for my grandson, and my daughter tell me it is his favorite toy. They like to spend time together building his toy, and having him participate in the building. He is only 3, but he is getting better each time they build a new toy. This is really such a creative way to teach children how to visualize, use their hands, and learning to work together to solve things.


Love this company and products

The building set is wonderful, customer service left much to be desired.

I love the set I got. It's great, my kids are having so much fun, and so am I. However I had a really rough time getting customer service to give me any straight answer on where my order might be when it was 2 weeks after I ordered it. I'm happy with the product for sure, but they could really improve the customer service.

1 x Tubelox Deluxe Set (220 pieces) - Shipping Immediately!

Great Storage Bag

Very well made bag. This is good to have to neatly store all of the Tubelox parts.

Has yet to arrive when shipped on 4/3

Bryan - I'm sorry about this delay! I just checked the tracking and it looks like USPS experienced some type of delay as they still show it 'in transit - arriving late' ... Please reach out to us at if you haven't received them by the end of this week!

Great service!

Great fast service

Love the bag

It's so nice to have place to store all the pieces

Love it

We are loving our Tubelox. I've noticed my son is spending more time outside. And it's easier to get him out the door! We enjoy nature too but it's great that he can enjoy building on/off while we're outside and helps to keep both kiddos entertained for longer periods. Already we made a jet, house, and Wild Thornberrys vehicle.

My 5 year old son can do the clips and pretty much line up the tubes but needs help with the orange boards. My 3 year old daughter loves sorting the colors of the clips. I did notice that if they stand in the clips they can break. My son had no problem pushing hid creations all over the yard.

We bought 2 deluxe sets and a few extra boards. We leave the creations built outside...near the house where my son can see them looking through the window at breakfast but stash the extra pieces in our deck box.

Looking forward to lots of fun with Tubelox!!!

Thank you!

We are having a great time with our Tubelox. One of the orange octagons broke and kind of put a damper on things, but the company replaced it no problem. Thanks!

Great Customer Service and Great Toy

We ordered a replacement panel after one of ours broke. Tubelox customer service and the website were super transparent about how replacement parts ship as available (instead of immediately) and I got an email notification when it shipped. The product arrived undamaged. Very responsive customer service and the kids LOVE these toys.