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Replacement Parts
Chris Bolis
Missing pieces

While there were only 2 of the 3 missing pieces in my order, Tubelox was quick to respond to send the 3rd one after I notified them.

Awesome "little" tent

I always wanted something like this for the grandkids. It popped up on my computer one day at half price. Sign me up!! It came right away. Grandkids ages 4.5-8.5 are able to turn the fan on, and within about 15 seconds they have their tent up and ready for play. Couldn't be happier!!

FloDome - Instant Fort!
Danielle Ebbitt
Blows up so fast

This is great it blows up fast and is super big and roomy !

Thanks for the feedback Danielle!

8-pack, Long Tubes
donna Franzek

My grandkids love the booster set. Waiting for more sales to purchase more sets.

Replacement Parts
Jeff Bonis
Quick Shipment

Exactly what we needed. I used to play with these as a child (30 years ago) when they were called Omagles. Great to have my kids using the same set. Just needed more clips.

Love TubeLox!

Very creative projects!

Excellent Toy

I built my grandsons a jungle gym and they love it. They play on it every time they come to visit me. My son had omagles as a child and we still have a lot of the pieces left and they all fit perfectly with the Tubelox pieces.


Kids loved it. 4-stars because I didn't realize that I needed to have my own box fan.

Nice Product

Great idea. Kids loved it.

Awesome fort

This is a great way for my kids to have a fort without using every blanket and pillow in the house! The kids have loved it - they hang out in there for hours. And I don't have to clean up blankets for days like I used to.

Love Flodome

I recently purchased the Flodome pop-up fort for my small children and it has quickly become their favorite playtime activity. The fort is easy to set up and the design is colorful and engaging for young kids.

FloDome - Instant Fort!
Guest Customer
4 kids all loved it

I've got a 9, 7, 5, and 3 year old.... they played with this all Saturday this weekend. The older kids "directed" the play and the younger two played along... so fun listening to them use their imaginations.

Grandson loves TubeLox!

We have made our third creation now so I think we have the hang of it. Enough to deviate from the script to add our own touches. Loads of fun for both of us!

FloDome - Instant Fort!
Craig Broderick
My Kids LOVE FloDome!!

My kiddos have always loved building forts around the house so FloDome was an instant hit! The best part is the easy set up and cleanup which is a nice change from their regular creations lol highly recommend!

Replacement Parts
Katy Tripp
Came quickly, but colors don't match

I didn't see an option for the neutral colors, so I purchased the bright colors which looks a bit funny with our neutral set. I recommend adding the option for neutral replacement parts!

Hey Katy! We'd love some more info on this! The only color variance within the set should be the elbow tube and the straight tubes... the finish is different because the production method is different. Please let us know what difference you're seeing so we can look into it!

LED Bulk Pack (QTY 6)
Richard Svrchek
Son lived them

Really bright. Easy to put on. See if they last

Gift for Christmas

I have not opened it as I purchased this for a Christmas present, so once I give it to them I will be happy to give you feed back. I am sure they will love it since my children loved Pipe Works when they were children.

Belle’s Birthday

It was a lot of fun it was good & fun!

Replacement Parts
Eric Ayers
We use Tubelox daily in our school

Our Tubelox kits have been used almost daily ever since students came back from the pandemic. Its a durable set, but we have broken a few clips. I'm glad I was able to order replacements!

I have a question. How durable are these my grandsons are pretty rough

How durable are the plastic pieces my grandsons are wild

Tubelox Holiday Bundle (Deluxe Set + Red Canvas Kit + LED Light Set)

Storage Bag

The bag is a great option for storing our TubeLox and seems to be well made! My only complaint is that it is a bit of a squeeze to get the entire deluxe set in the bag. I wish there was just a little more room.

Zander & Dominic

This is amazing my grandsons 5 & 8 would die if I took this away from this ! there is plenty of parts for both of them to play
comfortly with no arguments😎. one for Grandma !🤩

Love the 6-way connectors!

We just recently purchased the 3 pack of 6 way connectors. We love them! They open up a whole new dimension to building.

8-pack, Long Tubes
Valerie Benham

8-pack, Long Tubes