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Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Received quickly

Only problem was that the shipping bag was open when we received but all the pieces were there even though some had fallen out of the bag on our porch.
Pieces look to be fine.

My grand daughter and I used it this week and it was fabulous.

Replacement Parts
amy holder
great toy

My grand kids really love this toy. They play with it for hours and I love that they use their imagination.. Even my 70+ year old dad likes to play with it. My 7 year old can break an anvil and has managed to break 4 pieces of this sturdy well made product. The replacement parts were sent fast and in gre at condition.

it would nice if you could order two sets and a box of most use parts. i don’t need 12 tires for example but would live more long straight pieces.

Replacement Parts
Ann Russell
Love the product/hate undisclosed change

Ordered some connectors and four wheels for my grandson who is crazy for his Tubelox!
Order mystery became connectors but no wheels!
Sad face!

Kids Loved it!

Tubelox is the one thing my granddaughter and her friend (both age 8) absolutely love. She builds all sorts of things; I never quite know what she will create and play with for hours on end. Best thing I have ever purchased and she loved the addition of the canvases and lights.


My grand daughter loves them but I think her dad and grand pop love them more.

Incredible customer service!

First off, my kids absolutely love this toy, and so do we :) it’s very strong, and a great non-screen play option that we love!
Secondly, when a new piece arrived cracked, tubelox sent the replacement no problem, no issue- really a pleasure to deal with!

6 way

Been waiting a long time for these. Thanks

Replacement Parts
Jeanne Havelka

My grandchildren are happen to have the unbroken parts

Perfect for Backyard "Camping"

Love love LOVE this accessory kit! The kids love to imagine they're building a tent and camping in our backyard. The lights and canvas kits have really leveled up our Tubelox game for this summer!

New! 41-piece Booster Kit
Dorothy Summers

Booster Kit (38-pieces)

Grandson loves it

I'm very happy with the product. One downfall, I thought it came with the carrying bag. It did not.

Looks Great for Night forts!

My kids would love using this at night. They go crazy about glow sticks and flashlights so using these together I'm sure would be a hit.

My kids love the LED lights!

My kids immediately built a fort using the canvas roof and LED lights as its indoor lighting!

They're so into the new builds that I can actually get some rest for once haha. Worth every penny!

Great Value!

This was an awesome addition to our Tubelox set. The kids loved the LED lights and made some killer forts with the canvas tops. Highly recommend!

Long term toy

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Sure the cost seems high compared to some toys but when you think about how many years this will get used and the different things you can build, the cost isn’t much compared to all the flimsy toys one buys every year. I also won their drawing they have so that’s another perk! Will probably buy another set in the future if I have room!


Excellent help! Thankyou for your service. Was easy to get replacement clips.

Two thumbs up

I bought this as a gift for a friends son and he absolutely loves it. He’s already built several things and likes to be creative with his builds.

Tubelox Ring Toss Rings
Georgina Clancy
Tubelix Ring Toss Rings

They are fun. Kids enjoy making the game from the tubelox poles and elbows, then playing.

Replacement Parts
Dorothy Cheung
Extra parts

Needed to replace the orange squares due to breakage by my grandkids, both being under 45lbs, within the weight limit suggested by Tubelox.
The discounted items for purchase at end of order were really great deals. Wished I had taken advantage of them!

Replacement Parts
Vanhanh To
Replacement parts

All the replacement parts are soooo expensive

8-pack, Long Tubes
replacement parts.

I already bought 2 deluxe sets with canvas and lights and bag. My grandkids love the tubelox as well as myself.Idid not want to purchase another set but i wanted more long tubes.It was nice to see them on sale . I purchased tubes and 6 way adapters to add more possibillities .So much fun building with my son and grandkids.Keep up the good work. Thank You Kevin Dupuis


Meh. At first I was annoyed that they were just loose in a box but then I realized you are not using useless packing for the box and it’s not going to break! Love your product but of course I would like to get more for my dollar.