How Build Toys for Toddlers Encourage Brain Development

Early childhood development specialists report that build toys for toddlers help kids develop a variety of critical skills while fostering a high level of cognitive development.

Starting with basic blocks in infancy and progressing to more sophisticated building sets through the primary grades, the teaching and learning opportunities are virtually endless. And, as the broader use of electronic devices and screen time poses an ever-increasing threat to some aspects of early cognitive development, these toys provide the perfect counterpoint.

Build toys for toddlers

What Are the Benefits of Build Toys for Toddlers?

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) strongly encourages block and build toy play for children, listing the many skills, lessons and characteristics they encourage. These are just a few of the highlights.

  • Fine and gross motor skill development,
  • Increased attention span,
  • Improved problem-solving ability,
  • Scientific reasoning and hypothesis testing,
  • Object permanence and continuity,
  • Introduction to mathematics, and
  • Self-expression and imagination.

Social development, collaboration and relationship-building are some of the skills young children learn when they share their building sets. This can contribute significantly to effective communication skills development as well as helping them explore the joys of teamwork and even mediation.

You can help your child get the maximum benefit from their construction set toys – and help other family members avoid unexpected nighttime incidents – by setting some ground rules for play. This might include establishing guidelines for when and how components get put away and where they get stored.

Why Parents Should Get In on the Fun

As many benefits as construction toys provide for developing little brains, they can be even more beneficial if parents or caregivers join in the fun.

Healthy cognitive development requires that infants and toddlers have stable, responsive relationships with their parents or caregivers. Bi-directional interaction – also known as “serve and return” interactions – provides the necessary positive stimulation for the development of the child’s brain architecture. Playing together with interactive toys also builds critical bonds between parent and child, potentially providing a future of emotional well-being and stability that can last into adulthood.

When you choose shared-experience toys for your kids, look for options that provide a maximum level of flexibility. Building sets put the onus on the child to envision the end result and work to make that vision a reality.

Tubelox life-size building toys and construction sets provide countless hours of creative entertainment that your child can do alone or with others. Your child can use one our designs or come up with their own. The possibilities are endless.

Contact us today to learn more or shop our safe, secure website to explore our award-winning build toys for toddlers.

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