Toys are fun, but building toys for kids are the most fun, because you can use them to make other toys. What’s great about a Tubelox construction set is that the pieces are so big — no mini replicas of tricycles and jungle gyms — these are the real thing!

Our building kits for kids will spark your children’s creativity and keep them busy for hours! Your kids will love how easy it is to handle and put together the big, brightly colored pieces. We designed our building toy this way because we want kids to be able to create something fun without the frustration that can come with construction toys with tiny pieces that are easily lost or difficult to put together or take apart.

Our connecting tubes are so simple to use that your kids won’t need help from mom or dad. They’ll be able to build a toy car, take it apart and make a wheelbarrow and take it apart again to create a table and chairs to sit at and draw or play a game. There’s no end to the possibilities with Tubelox building sets for kids.

Here at Tubelox, we get really excited about adding to our awesome designs! We LOVE when we get new ideas from our loyal customers. Share away, and get your design posted below.

Here are some of our favorite designs:


Steerable Trike/Scooters

Your kids will love speeding around the house or driveway with an easy-to-assemble steerable trike or a small or large scooter. On the trike, kids can propel themselves with their feet or set it atop an incline outside and roll down. These scooters and trikes are safe to scoot around the house in, and even outdoors as well, providing hours of active fun.



Jungle Gym/Slides

Use our sturdy building set to construct play equipment such as a climbable jungle gym or functional slide. Whether you build a small jungle gym or slide for your tots or your older kids build bigger ones for themselves, your kids will want to use our building toys to make these structures over and over.




Children love using our construction set to create a wheelbarrow or wagon to transport items around the house and yard. You’ll see them wheeling around stuffed animals, or even the family cat! You might catch them giving each other rides or sitting in it to read a book or have a snack. These toys keep kids busy and engaged.



Table & Chairs/Bench

Our building toy set can be used to create a table and chairs with or without arms. Or build a bench — kids love sitting next to each other, and they can pretend to be in a park anywhere in the world! Our construction set components are strong, so your kids can use this creation just like real furniture.


Tea Cart/Lemonade Stand

Do your kids love to throw tea parties? Use our construction set to build them a tea cart. They’ll spend hours pouring and serving “tea” and snacks! Or your kids can make a pretend lemonade stand and “sell” drinks and snacks to their friends and dolls. It’s sturdy and strong, so there’s less risk of spilling.



School Desk

Kids love to play school, and lots of kids are actually attending school from home now. Let them make their own desk and chair! Their teacher and classmates will be impressed when they see them on Zoom.


Ballet Barre

If your kids love dance classes, let them use the Tubelox construction set to build their own ballet barre! It’s sturdy enough to support kids when they bend, stretch and plie.



Your kids will love building this car — and taking turns pushing each other around in it. They can do the same with a Tubelox pickup truck, or they can build a big rig with a trailer. Military enthusiasts can build a large or small tank to patrol the perimeters of the living room. There aren’t many building sets for kids that are sturdy enough to ride in!



Helicopter/Airplane/Space Shuttle

Pretend play is so important for childhood development. Use Tubelox construction toys to build a helicopter, airplane or space shuttle with your kids, and they can pretend to fly around the world and discover new places.



Play Loft/Junior Loft

Play lofts provide the perfect retreat for your kids to play, read or even eat lunch. They can use them like a magic carpet and pretend they are anywhere in the world.




Do your kids love the water? They can make their own sailboat and pretend to be a ship’s captain, pirate or explorer.



Crawl Tunnel

With our building toy, your kids can construct tunnels to crawl through as part of their own obstacle course. It’s fun and helps keep them fit.




Playing house is a favorite of little kids, and this house constructed from a Tubelox building set will provide hours of fun. Crank it up a notch by helping your kids build a full-fledged castle, and they can rule their own roost.



Weight Bench

With everyone working at home nowadays, your kids won’t feel left out if they make their own weight bench out of a Tubelox construction set.



A bridge made out of a Tubelox building set is strong enough for your kids to walk across. They can crawl or push their cars under it, or play Billy Goats Gruff!




Get a foam ball your kids can use to kick into the soccer goal or shoot into the basketball hoop they make out of Tubelox. This is the perfect toy for sports lovers on cold, rainy days.


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