Construction & Building Toy Sets for Toddlers

Building toys are instrumental to a child’s growth. But they don’t know that — they just think they’re fun! Toddlers love all the exciting toys you can make out of Tubelox construction sets.

Parents are always searching for toys their children will play with again and again. No one wants to spend money on a toy that is only played with briefly and then discarded. The best toys are dynamic toys that leave no room for kids to get bored with them.

Dynamic Toys Like Building Sets

A toy that does one thing — like a jack-in-the-box — can be fun for a while, but a toy that offers different experiences will get played with more. This is why electronic toys can be so addictive — they offer new experiences all the time. And while that’s good, electronic toys are passive. They keep kids sitting down and looking at a screen, and play is led by someone other than themselves.

Dolls, art supplies and building toys for toddlers are all examples of toys that allow children to invent, create and lead play.

Of all the construction set toys you can opt to buy for your kids, Tubelox is a great choice because of its sheer size and strength.

The Best Building Toys for Toddlers

Many construction sets can be too complex for preschoolers and toddlers. With lots of small pieces, these types of building sets can not only be frustrating, but also choking hazards.

You won’t get that with a Tubelox building set. All the pieces in our kids building kits are large and brightly colored. Many preschoolers are capable of putting Tubelox together on their own. However, as a parent, it’s important to remember to snap the safety clips in place before allowing your toddlers to play on the equipment they’ve built.

Our building sets are sturdy and strong, and we designed them to be able to hold your toddler’s weight, but using the safety clips is an important part of making sure their creations are secure.

Designs for Construction Toys

When you purchase a Tubelox building set for your toddler, you’ll get a book that shows you how to make a number of structures, depending on whether you opted for the standard or the deluxe set. We even offer discounts on multiple sets, which allow you to make more and bigger structures.

Most kids love riding in cars, and your construction set will allow you to build several types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, scooters and tricycles.

Tots also love having a special place of their own — that’s why they’re always building forts out of kitchen chairs, couch cushions and sheets. But with a Tubelox building set, your furniture will be safe again, because you can help them build a house or a play loft.

Inventive, Creative Building Toys

Little kids can spend hours pushing dolls in strollers or stuffed animals on swings, so you know they’ll love a Tubelox wagon or wheelbarrow. They’ll spend all day toting their items from room to room, loading and unloading them. They’ll be so quiet you’ll have to go check on them!

If you just want a special spot for your kids to be able to sit and play, eat or read, you can use the Tubelox construction set to make them a table and chairs. When they’re done, take it apart and make a ballet barre, tea cart or sailboat.

Are your tots sports enthusiasts? Help them make a basketball hoop or soccer goal. Use a foam or lightweight ball to make baskets and score goals.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Order a Tubelox set today and let the fun begin!

What Are the Best Educational Toys for Toddlers?

Getting toddlers excited about educational toys provides countless benefits, even from an early age. Young children learn through play, and educational toys – especially STEM and engineering toys – teach problem-solving, hone motor skills, improve eye-hand coordination, and stimulate the imagination. When choosing toddler educational toys, however, look for building toys designed specifically for this age group. Otherwise, you could end up with tiny pieces that are not only hard for small hands to manipulate but that could also pose a choking hazard. Choose build toys with bright colors and larger components. Finally, be sure to choose building sets that offer the widest range of flexibility. This means the sky’s the limit for little hands and big imaginations!

What Are the Best STEM Toys for Toddlers?

Do you wonder if toddlers are too young to introduce to the concepts of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math? You might be surprised to learn that STEM toys for toddlers not only exist but are highly recommended by children development experts. Engineering toys and build sets appeal to the natural curiosity of young children, engaging them and getting little bodies up and moving. Toddlers’ STEM toys encourage creative thinking, enrich cognitive skills, increase confidence and make learning fun. To choose the best toddler STEM toys for your future engineer, look for building sets for young children, with plenty of large components that they can use to create whatever their imagination can conceive.

What Are the Best Building Toys for Toddlers?

Toddlers’ building toys are not only fun but educational too. Young children learn through play and, with a build toy set, toddlers learn to perceive the world in multiple dimensions. As they create in this way, kids learn to think creatively and hone gross and fine motor skills. The best build toys for toddlers encourage parents and kids to play together, strengthening bonds and bringing the family together for fun and learning. Look for building and construction sets that let your child build their own toys, or whatever designs they can imagine.