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Construction & Building Toy Sets for Kids

Tubelox building sets are the perfect gift for kids who love to construct and create. Our kids building kits stimulate imagination and provide hours of constructive fun for kids ages 5-12.

These days, it’s becoming more of a challenge to get kids away from screens. Half the time they’re required to be on them and the other half they’re using them to watch videos and play games. It’s enough to make parents wonder if their kids will ever move again.

Sometimes, kids need to be enticed. A new toy is usually enough to get them away from their electronics, but parents want to give a kid a toy that holds their interest. The best choice is one that offers a new experience every time they play with it — like building sets for kids.

Construction Toys for Kids

Tubelox connect toys come in two sizes — standard and deluxe. We also offer discounts when you buy multiple sets, which allows your children to be even more creative and build larger structures.

So often, construction sets for kids are tiny models of objects of interest such as cars, ships and houses. While Tubelox building toys don’t allow kids to build an airplane to scale, they do allow them to create toys large enough to play on, such as tricycles, jungle gyms and castles.

Another issue with some popular building sets is they come with pieces that must be used in a specific way to get a particular result, whether that may be a spaceship, a robot or another toy. Kids are loath to take these models apart and use them in any other way than what the manufacturer intended. And it’s often hard to get them apart even if you want to, as the pieces are tiny and snap together tightly.

Flexible Building Kit for Kids

With a Tubelox building set, your kids can make dozens of different toys. While we provide instructions to build some popular toys, we encourage kids to come up with their own creations. This helps kids use their imaginations as well as their spatial awareness skills. It’s OK if their first or even their fifth creation doesn’t come out the way they thought it would. The fun is in the discovery.

One of the best parts of giving a Tubelox set to kids in the 5-12 age group is that they can follow diagrams and create structures on their own. With toddlers, you have to help them. But once you get them going with their tea cart or wagon or trike, they’ll play with it for hours!

Builder Sets for Kids

Regardless of how old your children are, they’re sure to love a Tubelox connect toy. Kids’ imaginations are limitless, and you’ll be amazed at what they can do with this construction set. Give your kids the gift of creativity for the next special occasion.