About Us

Tubelox® is the next toy brought to you from toy inventors Rachel and Steve, whose toys have been seen on ABC hit show Shark Tank and FOX & Friends and The Toy Box!


"As kids we didn't have much technology to keep us entertained, we used Tinker Toys and Lincoln logs, LEGOS and other constructive toys during the long Winter months. Now, looking back and as parents ourselves, these toys helped to awaken our minds and are still very vital and important for young minds today. Our mission is to invigorate developing minds with creativity and active play to discover the world through imagination and innovative thinking. Educational toys are on the rise because we all want our children to expolre, discover, and enhance brain activity during play. These practical skills at a young age, can help shape children into thinkers, problem solvers and creative adults. We are passionate about this incredible toy and we want to share it with your family!"


Tubelox is a 2016 Holiday Seal of Approval Winner by The National Parenting Center!

Seal of Approval Toy Award The National Parenting Center


"The National Parenting Center was founded in July of 1989 with the intention of providing the most comprehensive and responsible parenting advice to parents everywhere. The advice provided is furnished by some of the world’s most respected authorities in the field of child rearing and development."